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ex-hipster comedy show

The Hipster Helpline comedy show is for all wanna-be and pro-Hipsters to get proficient in the Hipster Lifestyle! Learn in this one-hour seminar how to get your coffee order right, which hashtags to use, and why you should wear active wear, even when you’re not going to the gym. Ex-Hipster has the answers to these modern-life problems, or at least, he tries to answer them… Come to the Hipster Helpline, helping all aspiring hipsters with their hipster lifestyle issues. Ex-Hipster may even sing a song or two if his voice is not too scratchy from drinking celery juice all day…

Each comedy show is complemented by a different act to open the night, including: Anthony Locascio, Harry Jun, Patrick Gee, Te Rina Taite and Jess Fuchs. Get your tickets via the eventbrite links below.

The venue is El Rocco Bar in Potts Point, 154 Brougham street, NSW 2011. The venue is Covid-19 compliant with social distanced seating, check-in registry, hand-sanitiser and face masks available. Due to these physical distancing restrictions, there are only 27 tickets per comedy show available. The licensed bar takes cash only. Bring a friend or two and get onto the Hipster Lifestyle! 🙂

Victor David has been around the Sydney comedy scene for a few years. He presents the Hipster Helpline as his first one-hour show using stage name Ex-Hipster. Yes, that’s a bit of an odd stagename indeed, but well, all the cool stagenames were already taken. His favourite comedic topics include our modern life, hipsters (duh), his singing talent (ahum…), being from Amsterdam, online dating, social media and the latest supermarket specials.

And oh, why did he move forward with that odd stagename? Well he feels he moved on wandering in the modern world after having been a hipster, yet there is not a suitable name for what people are after they have been a hipster, so he calls himself ‘Ex-Hipster’ for the time being…