Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you give yourself that swanky stagename ‘Ex-Hipster’?

A: I used to be a hipster in my past. I now stepped into the next stage after being a hipster, but there is no name for that yet, so I call myself ‘Ex-Hipster’. Just like there is no name yet for what Harry & Meghan are after they stepped out of the Royal family, so they are ‘Ex-Royals’.

Q: Whom is the Hipster Helpline show for?

A: The show is for anyone trying to adopt the hipster lifestyle, or stepping away from it, or contemplating becoming one. The Hipster Helpline welcomes modern life’s questions of all sorts, unsorted. Be prepared for a good laugh at, for, with, about hipsters and normal folks – as far as normal exists in this world.

Q: Is the venue covid-19 compliant?

A: Yes. The venue operates at a substantially lower capacity to meet the 4 sqm per patron rule. There is hand sanitizer, facemasks and a sign-in register at entry. Patrons must remain seated unless when going to the bar or the bathroom.

Q: How do I make pumpkin soup?

A: Blend all ingredients together and cook till tender.

Q: Where do I get tickets?

A: On Eventbrite. maybe at the door if the show is not sold out. Considering this is a new act, it’s probably not going to be sold out. But considering many people want to be a hipster, it might.

Q: Do you have vegan-jokes in the show?

A: All jokes are gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Q: How long does the show go for?

A: About an hour. If there are many hecklers, perhaps a bit longer. If I forget my lines, perhaps a bit shorter.

Q: What catering options are available?

A: the bar is licensed with all the alcohol you wish for (and need – it makes the show is funnier). Most nights pizza delivery can be arranged via the bar.

Q: What if I forgot my question?

A: …