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Ex-Hipster. The oddiculous stagename.

Introducing a stagename is ridiculously odd (and so is coining the new term oddiculous). It’s risky, people might think I’m pretentious. But well, stepping up on stage aiming to make people laugh, is all of the above anyway: ridiculous, odd, pretentious and risky. After all, you never know if the audience is actually going to give a grin, left aside a good old LOL.

Yet the beauty in comedy is the perfect misfit of taking the risk and playing with the expectation, not with the aim for perfection, but with the aim to find new odd angles in our logical constructed world. Otherwise, comedy would be public speaking. As comedy seeks to challenge the mundane side of daily life, then, well, I might as well start off with that challenge in the name straight away. My real name can serve for my passport; my stagename can serve for my jokes. Is Ex-hipster the best name I could come up with? Not sure. I wasn’t aiming for perfection in the first place.

There are other and odder stagenames fathomable. The umbilical brothers or the flight of the conchords are well-found. Deadmau5 is perhaps not a bad shot at the oddest stagename. His album ‘for the lack of a better name’ makes this DJ a self-deprecating comedian as well…

Victor David as Ex Hipster comedic stage nameMy comedy is often about modern, city life, and I can’t hide that I indulge in barista made coffee, go to yoga & pilates, appreciate locally made, small-batch wines and food, like retro-style furniture, drink celery juice and sometimes grow a beard – albeit more out of laziness than for the fashion. I have too many reasons to be labelled a hipster, yet still live in denial.

Hippies were cool back in the 60’s and 70’s, yet calling someone a hipster these days is neither a compliment nor an insult. It perhaps flags you’re striving to be original at best or pretentious at worst. My impression is that modern-day hipsters seem to be more focused on lifestyle instead of actually changing lives, and wokeness more so than the political activism of the mid-to-late 20’th century. Yet striving for a better world, or at least challenging the world we live in, is a motivation for me to do comedy. The power of laughing is sometimes stronger, or at least more playfully intriguing, than the power of discourse. Yet these are perhaps too big words to say, and I may be grilled for even attempting… did I mention this is risky and pretentious already?

Whether you agree or disagree that hipsters are a new offshoot from the hippies, whether hipsters actually make a difference or are just displaying it to grow their Instagram following, the modern world we live in fascinates me. It’s too hot to refrain from tackling it with comedy.

One of the main questions I love to explore is: how are we going to remember this era in the future? Once the term hipster is passé, what will be the new cool? ‘Ex-Hipster’ mentions what it is not, or not anymore. We don’t know yet what is next. We can only ponder about it, fantasize, challenge the mundane, or perhaps write comedy about it…


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