Handmodel – Melbourne Fringe alternative show date

*New date for comedy show ‘Handmodel’ originally planned for Melbourne Fringe**

About this event

Do handmodels exist? Yes, but they never intended to become one… as with many things in life, they happen beautifully unplanned, or perhaps not so beautifully.

Born to an hippie parents who had me unmarried, unexpected and un-baptized, my life was doomed to be cursed – according to my aunt, a nun. She wrote long letters to my mom on how-to save my soul with holy water, but alas, the pride of the family could not be saved. As I left my dad’s hippie commune, I made odd career choices and never thought that I would become a professional handmodel one day, but I am here to tell the story.

Handmodel is an uplifting standup comedy show about the oddities in modern life, with a few comedic songs in it as well – though his voice is not as smooth as his hands – yup you got the key message: nobody is perfect.

Written and performed by Victor David, originally from Amsterdam, now living in Australia. His previous show, The Hipster Hotline, performed in Sydney at at Adelaide Fringe.

Event Date : 20/11/2021
Event Location : Club Voltaire 14 Raglan Street #1st Floor North Melbourne, VIC 3051 Australia
Event Time : 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm AEDT