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Testimonials for the Hipster Helpline by Ex Hipster

I used to order a skinny flat white in my skinny jeans to be cool, but I learned that ordering a strong extra hot almond cappuccino in baggy pants is way cooler. Thanks Ex-Hipster for saving my reputation!


Aspiring Hipster

I always mixed up YOLO and FOMO. Thanks to the Hipster Helpline, I get my hipster-lingo right! I always felt like a wannabe-hipster, but now I feel confident I will finally get there. Keep up the good work!

Shawn, aka Shawnie

Graduated Hipster

I thought that tying up long hair was something for youngsters, but with Ex-Hipster’s help I figured that my knot actually counts as a hipster bun. I now feel included in modern life thanks to the Hipster Helpline!


Hipster Hotline

A one-hour comedy show by Ex-Hipster

Ever wondered how to be hipster and get on with modern life? Ex-Hipster has the answers. Sort of. At least he thinks he does.

Come visit the Hipster Helpline headquarters for an hour session on how to be a good hipster and get all the insights you need to become a pro. Solve all your life’s problems with home-knit sweaters and cold-brew slow-drip organic deconstructed coffee. Even if it doesn’t help, it’s still tasty. And even if it’s not tasty, it’s still cool. And even when it’s not cool anymore, well, dunno. Perhaps call a real helpline I guess?

Anyway, stop living in FOMO and get hipsterfied!


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